We live in a busy and noisy world.

We also live in a world where the number of things competing for our energies (physical, mental and emotional) far exceeds our available capacity.

We are also living in a time where we have high degrees of choice.

In such a world, to influence anyone, you must FIRST get their TIME and their full ATTENTION. And once you have that, you must make the most of it.

To influence others, the two key questions I consciously ask myself are: 

1. How do I get <this person’s/group’s> TIME and ATTENTION?

2. Once I have their attention, how do I influence them in the most Effective, Efficient and Elegant manner?

Asking the above questions helps me on two fronts:

Firstly, it enables me to step into the shoes of my audience, and more consciously think about what might be going on with them, what is important to them, how is what I want to share relevant to them etc.  

Secondly, it allows me to plan and strategise e.g. how do I share my message in a manner that connects and adds value to them?

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