stephen covey Testimonials

Be. Do. Live. is a terrific book that can change lives. Rajeev Dewan has taken knowledge and learnings from throughout the world and synthesized them into readable, bite-sized nuggets of wisdom. The result is a practical guidebook that is at once insightful and actionable.”

—STEPHEN M. R. COVEY, author of The New York Times bestseller, The Speed of Trust

kieran perkins Testimonials

“Rajeev is the go-to guy if you want to take your team to the next level and beyond…fast. His deep insights about leadership, teams and high performance has been a key catalyst in moving our executive team to a whole another level. I recommend him highly if you want to become a winning team.”

—KIEREN PERKINS, OAM, Two-time Olympic Swimming Gold Medalist 

Angela Mentis Testimonials

“Rajeev’s insights, tools, coaching have been excellent…his candid and constructive approach has been beneficial for our team…”

—ANGELA MENTIS, Group Executive, NAB Business


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“The progress we’ve made working with Rajeev in the last 2 years has been nothing short of outstanding. He is the go-to expert if you want the most direct path to high performance.”


dan pink Testimonials

Be. Do. Live. is like a Swiss army ‘life-knife’ – armed with profound wisdom & tools to change your life and career for the better. An excellent read!”

DANIEL PINK, The New York Times best-selling author of: A Whole New Mind, Drive, To Sell is Human

marshall goldsmith new Testimonials

Be. Do. Live. is an integrated blueprint to an exceptional life! It closes the gap between who you are, what you do, and, ultimately, how you live.”

MARSHALL GOLDSMITH, author of The New York Times bestseller What Got You Here Wont Get You There, the 2007 Harold Longman Award-winning business book of the year

rohit saboo Testimonials

“Rajeev inspired and motivated us beyond our expectations. He took us on an experiential journey that challenged our mind-sets and shared with us the skills and tools required to lead in the 21st century. His insightful and energetic approach kept us fully captivated…I recommend Rajeev to anyone who is looking for a highly impactful speaker and facilitator…”

ROHIT SABOO, President and CEO of National Engineering Industries

sandra 2 Testimonials

“…in Be. Do. Live. Rajeev has provided the one-stop-shop to help anyone who is willing to try to be who they really are and to live a better life…so much of the wisdom of ten’s of thousand’s of pages in one place. I have been on a journey.”

SANDRA BIRKENSLEIGH, Chair, Audit Committee, and Board Member, National Wealth Holdings Management Board

Untitled 1 Testimonials

“Rajeev is a master at building high performing executive teams – his approach inspires collaboration, encourages us to challenge each other and ourselves to achieve more (and have fun doing it). Having worked with Rajeev for over two years the results we achieved as a business, and how we work as a team, have improved exponentially.”

LEIGH O’NEILL, EGM, NAB Business Direct and Small Business

brian tracy1 Testimonials

“This is a wonderfully insightful book that helps you ask the questions and make the decisions that assure you live a happy, successful and prosperous life.” 

BRIAN TRACY, author of The Way to Wealth

matt chruch Testimonials

“…Rajeev has an amazing ability to synthesize wisdom…”

MATT CHURCH, Creator of Thought Leaders; best-selling author

Stewart Testimonials

“Rajeev Dewan’s new book offers us a useful, engaging method for getting clear about really matters in all aspects of our lives and taking practical action to pursue our most precious goals with vigour. A powerful, significant achievement!

—DR. STEWART D. FRIEDMAN, best-selling author of Total Leadership, and Founding Director of Wharton Leadership Program, University of Pennsylvania 

steve tucker Testimonials

Be. Do. Live. is a special book that will enrich the lives of those who read it…whether you are a parent, a friend, a colleague or a business leader, take the time to read this book to discover your purpose and passion, and improve all aspects of your life.”


anoop chachu Testimonials

“In one day, Rajeev brought our new team closer to unlock our strengths through innovative trust-building exercises, providing valuable feedback to the team and individuals. Three years later my team still recalls that session as one of our best and foundational for our team.”

—ANOOP PRAKASH, Managing Director, Harley-Davidson Canada   

jennifer lang 2 Testimonials

“Rajeev worked closely with me and my new leadership team to help us become a high performing team and business unit… thanks to his constructive coaching and hands-on support, our team is much more cohesive, productive and engaged (we moved 20 points in one year!)”

—JENNIFER LANG, CFO and Chief Actuary, CommInsure

kate galvin 2 Testimonials

“In one session with Rajeev, we made more progress on a really tough issue than what had been achieved in the previous 4 years. He is outstanding at helping groups achieve breakthroughs fast.”

—KATE GALVIN, Head of Advice, JB Were

rob chandra 3 Testimonials

“Rajeev’s book offers insightful perspectives for living an authentic and harmonious life….a powerful blend of head, heart and spirit—once I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down!”

ROB CHANDRA, Managing Partner, Bessemer Venture Partners; MBA, Harvard Business School

peter scott new Testimonials

“This book refreshingly addresses the total person. It provides many challenging ideas and observations concerning the strength and frailty of the human species. A fascinating read and a great reference source with very practical solutions and suggestions about living your life!”

PETER SCOTT, Chairman, Sinclair Knight Merz

barbs stone Testimonials

“….Rajeev Dewan is an inspiring speaker who can change your view about how to change your life.”

BARBARA STONE AM, Ex-Principal, MLC School Sydney